"TrustHemp - Back to the Future"

Thanks to our passion for an active and healthy lifestyle, we discovered hemp (Cannabis sativa) – a plant that easily beats any synthetic supplements. The more we dug in, the more astonished we became: in Lithuania hemp was known for more than 5.500 years! Moreover, our ancestors used it as the main source of rich nutrition, clothing production and even spiritual rituals. Unfortunately, history made its rough turn and swept this precious knowledge from our memory, leading to a loss of a national heritage…

In order to give a second chance to discover the potential and tangible value of this, let’s not be afraid to say it out loud, mind-blowing plant, we launched TrustHemp.

TrustHemp - Organic Superfood

TrustHemp Principles


Ecology and sustainability are on our priority list, so we collaborate exclusively with certified ecological fibre cannabis farms, based in Lithuania.


We provide our customers with high quality, natural and nutrition-packed hemp products that boost daily life performance.


All production technologies, associated with TrustHemp, are fair trade.


All our products are suitable and even essential for vegetarians and vegans because it is packed with vegetable protein that smoothly and successfully substitutes for meat.


All of our products are 100% organic, grown without any fertilizers or chemicals and GMO-free.


We work hard to provide our customers with the first-class experience, so our modern zip packages are comfortable to use and, most importantly, keep the product fresh during all the consumption period.


We appreciate the confidence shown to us and take full responsibility in providing services.

Our Future Plans

Become internationally acknowledged raw hemp products wholesalers.
Provide our customers exclusively with the highest quality hemp products as we would do for our families and friends.
Be a part of the positive change in the food industry.